Lockwood and Co.'s What's behind the door?

Lockwood and Co.'s What's behind the door? ...

This article may contain spoilers for the first season of Lockwood and Co.

Lockwood & Co., a supernatural teen drama based on Jonathan Stroud's books, has become a smash hit, partly due to its intriguing premise, which takes children and adolescents to the forefront of a quest against evil spirits that have returned to haunt the living in what is now known as "The Problem."

The problem, in which there are various Types based on severity and intentions, can only be seen and fought by children. Most children have Talent, abilities which they can develop that adults can't. Both private and government agencies have developed programs to train youngsters and send them on missions to defeat so-called Visitors.

Lockwood & Co. is a one-of-a-kind business managed (almost) entirely by its members, Anthony Lockwood, George Karim, and Lucy Carlyle. They operate from 25 Portland Row, a sprawling house left to Anthony by his parents, who we’re to assume are both deceased. The property, like Anthony himself, also has its secrets.

Lockwood & Co.'s keyhole?

The purpose of the room is to provide an undisturbed entrance for everyone. Lucy is given a tour of the premises; nobody enters the premises; the door remains locked. Throughout the season, Lucy and George accept that the room is essential to them, but leave it alone.

Anthony decides that the children must must be willing to share no secrets with each other if they want to be successful as an agency. Thus, he takes Lucy and George upstairs and opens the door. Frustratingly, the season ends before we see what's inside.

We can only speculate because we don't know what's behind the door. It's something very important to Anthony. His parents' ghosts are, according to him, the first ones he ever fought, but his sister's death may be even more crucial because he clearly does not have any personal responsibility for it.

Anthony's sister died while going through their parents' belongings, a task that he refused to assist with (presumably in order to avoid having to deal with the pain and pain of the loss). While doing this, though, she accidentally broken an Indonesian ghost pot, which ultimately killed her. Anthony was too late to save her.

Anthony's sister may be an actual recurring character in his personal opinion, although the room's contents will be discussed.

Lockwood and Co.'s doors are locked — or at least what might be behind them — so please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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