Who is Hui-jae in Crash Course in Romance?

Who is Hui-jae in Crash Course in Romance? ...

Crash Course in Romance, a K-Drama series on Netflix, Season 1 Episode 6, is recapped. There are no correct answers in life, only best answers, and there are spoilers.

Crash Course in Romance's sixth episode was a decent one, glidening by nicely, but with nothing substantial to sink your teeth into, but other sections, such as Chi-yeol's (Jung Kyung-ho) unorthodox romantic connection with Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), could use some improvement.

Recap of Season 1 of Crash Course in Romance

Haeng-seon fails to explain to Yeong-ju why she kept Chi-yeol's private tutoring arrangement secret from her, and the academy teacher receives complaints from Dong-hui about the situation. "I don't believe this is correct," the assistant says, worried about the consequences of his one-to-one lessons if others learn.

Chi-yeol sees a link to the death of Young-min, as well as the suicide of a female pupil who had links to Detective Song's "bulldozer" case from 10 years ago, so he decides to investigate the Nokeun-dong murder case that he's now being referenced alongside.

Jong-ryeol meets with the star tutor to discuss why Su-hyeon's mother (the one part of the Nokeun-dong murder case) went "insane" when her daughter died, only for her son to be accused of murder. Now, the exonerated brother of Su-hyeon is "missing," but Jong-ryeol is still blaming Chi-yeol for what happened.

Before we return to the present, Su-hyeon's mental health demise comes to an end as a result of exam questions being shadily leaked to her (the former was fired for refusing to "ruin" the deceased's mother by reporting them). Chi-yeol and Jong-ryeol were used as a "bridge" for this, while the deceased's mother was fired for recognizing the early disclosure of test materials.

After a quick scene that shows how one police officer is still looking into the silver bullet that was discovered prior to Young-min's death, we turn to the next morning. Haeng-seon in particular finds herself not only personally delivering food inside Chi-yeol's house, but also tucking the restless star tutor into bed, realizing he too has his "demons." In parallel, Su-hui and Mi-ok, who are on their way to meet a ta

Su-a sneakily decides to peek at Hae-e's desk, where she discovers some of the All Care Programme's workbooks, in an effort to halt a situation that might have been avoided by the chiyeolsucks.

Next, Chi-yeol decides to postpone his studies and take a break. He was enraged when he heard Yi-sang telling his colleagues how he apparently "annihilated a family," and should not be "brazen" in continuing to work. In another instance, the police investigate a claim that stray cats are being killed with silver metal balls, the same type seen in Young-min's CCTV video.

Sun-jae is ecstatic when he was asked to talk to Hae-e once Geon-hu, Jae-woo, and co. finished their camping preparations. Yet they soon discover a reflective Chi-yeol, who is attempting his best to stay mute.

Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol have a warm heart-to-heart, despite a bit of disagreement about boundaries. At first, the star tutor realizes that his "savior who fed him" used to offer him, then the two discuss their lives filled with differing approaches as they "fumble for the answers." There is one minor flaw though, when the private instructor accidentally knocks the owner of a side dish shop to the ground the next day.

Hae-e wonders what her friend needed to say to her. Su-a examines her belongings and discovers some of the All Care Programme materials, yet no further investigation is undertaken, allowing Hae-e to continue to work as normal children.

Hui-jae discovers his younger brother, who manages to hide him from being discovered. What it does mean, though, is that Sun-jae must disclose that he has a "shut-in" brother to Hae-e. Later, we learn how Sun-jae now believes that Sun-jae is a successful lawyer.

Su-a speculates to her mother that Sun-jae is "leaking" the All Care Programme's "thoughtless" actions of the lawyer's son, but the family soon becomes more interested by the sight of Chi-yeol leaving his car.

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