In Japan, a 2TB PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD with up to 10GB/s read speed starts for $385

In Japan, a 2TB PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD with up to 10GB/s read speed starts for $385 ...

In Japan, the first PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe consumer SSDs have just gone on sale for $385 or 49,980 yen for a 2TB capacity.

CFD Gaming, a Japanese hardware company, has already sold solid state drives PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe 2TB for $385, with read speeds up to 10 GB/s and write speeds of 9.5 GB/s, 1500,000 IOPS, and a three-year warranty.

Solid state drives include a massive heatsink and a fan in the center. They will be available in three colors: 4TB/8GB cache, 2TB/4GB cache, and 1TB/2GB cache. These SSDs are powered by Micron's 3D TLC NAND and have DDR4 DRAM cache.

The Akiba-PC portal has announced a 2TB SSD with the ID “CSSD-M2M2TPG5NFZ” that has already been sold at several Japanese shops. The actual price should be closer to $350, which would increase the price of the current fastest PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe SSD, which is the Samsung 990 Pro at $309 per variant.

The CFD Gaming PG5NFZ PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSDs include data mining, predictive sampling, and SLC caching. The heatsink cooler is powered by a small 20mm fan and is connected to the 5V jack.

Active operation is recommended by the manufacturer for extreme use cases, such as games and applications that involve a lot of data, otherwise users may operate the drive in passive mode, although they will need to ensure adequate airflow in the enclosures.

The latest PCIe Gen5 standard is now supported by new Intel and AMD platforms, but microchip manufacturer Phison has made AMD the official partner to usher in a new era of Gen5 SSDs on the AM5 platform.

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