Heres how Hi-Fi Rush works on the Valve console

Heres how Hi-Fi Rush works on the Valve console ...

Hi-Fi Rush, a game developed by Tango Gameworks, has just been added to the 7,000+ Steam Deck compatible games, and it does so with a video that testifies to the ease with which Valve's portable console will be able to enjoy it.

Chai and his improvised group of friends rebel against Hi-Fi Rush's evil high-tech companies by taking full advantage of Steam Decks' computational power and advanced features, according to a new video demonstration from the Steam Deck Gaming curators.

The youtubers also offer valuable input to those who, like Valve's hybrid console owners, are looking for optimal graphics and performance settings to best utilize the latest rhythm action gem from Tango Gameworks.

John Johanasadvises all Steam Deck owners to take a look at this video to see a game that, according to the Game Director's words, "runs fantastic" on the Valve console.

The Director of Hi-Fi Rush said in recent days that he began work on this project in 2017 and was impressed by the fact that Bethesda has since accepted this idea from the start.

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