When it comes to eating, lower gas and electricity expenses!

When it comes to eating, lower gas and electricity expenses! ...

Those who usually go shopping have noticed that prices are much higher. That's why we have to save wherever we can. However, if we manage to cultivate these habits gradually and gradually, we'll be able to lower the gas and electricity bill by cooking meals.

When it comes to cooking meals, you can save gas and electricity.

There are certain things we don't know, and others we don't understand, but because we don't remember we don't execute. However, it is definitely worth it to bet on them after a year.

When you leave the door open for a while, the fridge consumes more energy. If it's the freezer, the damage can be much greater. It starts to form ice, and then we'll have to keep the door open for a long time to remove it.

Consider what you must remove first before opening the fridge door. This way you won't be left open for a long time.

Another critical point is to keep the refrigerator clear of heat sources. Likewise, do not place hot food inside. Otherwise, he'll have to work harder to keep the cooler temperature inside.

I am not referring to taste issues here. A non-existent situation will require us to use running water or in some cases the microwave. This is a significantly higher cost.

Before lighting the stove, make sure you have all of the cooking supplies you'll need to have at hand, preferably already cut.

If you have the opportunity, do it again. This way you not only save time but also energy!

Another important point to keep an eye on is the need to cover pots and pans whenever you cook to avoid heat loss from the stove.

Lastly, make sure you cook only with the water you need, and that you reuse it at the end.

Choose to use the microwave rather than the oven and save 60% less energy. Lastly, wash the dishes in the dishwasher rather than washing them by hand. Often, people pre-wash the dishes before putting them in the machine. However, this is not necessary.

It's just that the detergents we use today are extremely powerful and effective at cleaning up. This pre-wash will only consume electricity and gas unnecessarily.

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