Mundfish claims to be the Russian government's Atomic Heart

Mundfish claims to be the Russian government's Atomic Heart ...

Mundfish, the creator of Atomic Heartma il, has denied categorically that the game or the linked internet site collect user data in order to provide them to the Russian government.

The idea is somewhat bizarre, but given the circumstances in which it originated, it might also be plausible: the AIN.Capital website claims that user data may be collected and shared with Russian government agencies, particularly the tax office and the Federal Security Bureau.

According to website assertions, this passage is only visible in Russian language and not in English, but the link provided at the moment, is an error. Mundfish is accused of being a Russian government organization such as Gazprom, which maintains a main office in Moscow.

Mundfish said in response to questions from GamesRadar. "The site's privacy claims are old and incorrect and should have been removed years ago. We closed our shop to ensure the studio and its products are secure."

In fact, the answer has some rather dubious elements, as it appears to admit the previous existence of this passage in the privacy regulations, simply stating that it was "dated." In such a situation, we might assume that this is a standard procedure used by contracts of this sort in Russian media.

Mundfish has been dubbed a "international team" and "an organization that fights violence." We are waiting to see if there will be any changes to the official website at this time, because for the time being, the company has not commented to GamesRadar about whether or not it collected any data from users in the past.

Atomic Heart is scheduled to be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox from February 21 and is also available on Xbox Game Pass from the start, so it shouldn't be further pushed back.

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