Achievements and trophies: A portrait of a useless and essential feature

Achievements and trophies: A portrait of a useless and essential feature ...

Achievements and trophies in the news game Portrait of a useless and essential feature Achievements and trophies in the news game Portrait of a useless and indispensable feature

Published on 01/29/2023 at 18:30

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If the main objective of a video game is above all to complete the main story or to win the game, today, some gamers push the boundaries even further by striving to complete the game at 100%, these are the rewards or the medals if we are looking to the side of PlayStation.

The terms success or trophy have long been firmly rooted in video game jargon and are all the more familiar to those who like this concept because it involves the completion of additional objectives, independent of the game itself, and is valued with a simple notification.

Xbox, PlayStation, Steam...Successes have a story.

If the origin of the Achievements goes back to the Activision Badges era in 1982, it is especially the seventh generation of consoles that launched the game in 2005, and in particular Microsoft, who innovates with the Xbox 360 in 2008. This is the first console to adopt the same system with the addition of trophies on the PlayStation 3 for games dedicated to Blizzard titles.

In short, video games are now a slugfest. Some are directly related to the main story or require you to complete a mission or a side quest, while others require you to complete certain actions or collect collectibles.

When successes become the subject of a must-see search, success becomes a reality.

The most ruthless players are hidden behind the term "hunters." Along with improving replayability, providing meaning to side activities, and prolonging the game's lifespan, achievement or trophy hunters go even further.

Successes stoke genuine interest among gamers, so much so that some of them begin buying more games in order to get the most of their success. This is why many games today are so popular, such as My Name is Mayo, where an hour will suffice for you to complete all successes.

A good example would be The Evil Within, which combines the two above restrictions, or even Dead Space 2, which requires you to complete the game in Berserk mode. Here, the player is limited to a maximum of three saves.

From the simplest to the most difficult, all successes are sought after and there is something for everyone! But does playing not tarnish the enjoyment of playing in the long run?

Mais don't let the useless side ruin the gaming experience.

In any case, other players agree, ignoring the fact that certain achievements are an unnecessary addition to the game's gameplay. We think in particular of Zombie or Bioshock, whose successes are independent of difficulties.

This is why many gamers are hesitant to accept this free play system, even though it is a form of frustration to the pleasure of playing.

It is also possible to strike a balance without being interested in it more than that. It is always enjoyable to unlock a success just as it is possible to pursue them, without extremes, while enjoying the game itself and without giving priority to lists of successes.

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