Elden Ring: New speculation about it

Elden Ring: New speculation about it ...

Elden Ring, a smash hit game, might have a good supply, since a lot of new content is on the way!

Elden Ring has sold more copies than any other action game before it, according to game director Hidetaki Miyazaki. If you believe a new report, there will be at least one significant "big" DLC among them.

ApprehensiveTop8927, a Reddit user, is the next to highlight the possibility of such a feature. In the video above, the insider claims to be aware of such a large expansion for the action epic.

McDonald doesn't know anything about new game mechanics either, but he does say that the expansion should have a "really significant" new area in store. That would match dataminers' input from an Elden Ring update, which should have been confirmed in the meantime.

If Elden Ring receives significant DLC, the timing remains intriguing. From Software is also working diligently on Armored Core 6, which is scheduled to be released in 2023; this new game is therefore the focus of From Software.

Elden Ring has not received any substantial additional paid content in the past, although the game has already received new content via updates. This includes PvP mode as well as quests for cosmetic items and balancing changes. The game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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