Broken Ranks is celebrating its first anniversary

Broken Ranks is celebrating its first anniversary ...

After a year of hard work, Whitemoon Games is commemorating Broken Ranks' first anniversary. The studio collected annual statistics, organized many in-game events, and distributed a free premium account to all current and returning players.

Whitemoon Games has added four huge boss dungeons with legendary loot, a guild land that allows players to build their own guild headquarters, four repeatable events, the first part of the achievement system, the marketplace, the PvP arena along with tournament achievements, the cross-server tournament league with prizes, side quests, and the PvP rework, which makes PvP more enjoyable for PvP players, but are optional for those who prefer to concentrate on PvE (see below).

A special anniversary teaser has been released by the developers.

Whitemoon Games has prepared both short and long events for its community, including a fan art competition, as well as offering players with unique challenges, and a 7-day free premium account. Those who have not yet claimed a premium account may access this resource by clicking the link in the email they receive.

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