Britney Spears has finally revealed why she had her Instagram suspended

Britney Spears has finally revealed why she had her Instagram suspended ...

Britney Spears was left a conservatory for 13 years, which had a significant impact on her mental health. She recently faced criticism for suddenly deactivating her Instagram account, causing her followers to wonder about her mental health. However, the pop singer has finally recovered and revealed the reason for the deactivation.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, the singer of "Slumber Party" revealed the reason for deactivating her Instagram. On Saturday afternoon, she activated her account, but it appears she is still preparing to post anything there.

Britney revealed a video in which she took a mirror selfie in the gym. She does not dance this time.

Britney took a brief break from her Instagram drama and wrote, "I'm sensitive and honestly I'd rather take a break and do my ice cream diet anyway"... I know I said it was a joke too... but it's not... it works surprisingly enough!!!"

After going to dinner, Britney appears to have had another public encounter. However, this one appeared to be unheard of, which is good for Britney.

"I'm alive, healthy, and ready to begin a new day – a new day anew," the "Toxic" singer said of her long Twitter post. Britney seems to want her followers to respect her personal space and allow her to post whatever she wants without making any negative comments.

A number of followers called the cops to see if Britney was okay. However, her loyal followers can now breathe a sigh of relief. Follow Thirsty For News for updates.

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