Season 4 cast of Meet 90 Day Fianc The Other Way

Season 4 cast of Meet 90 Day Fianc The Other Way ...

The Other Way's second season is almost here, and that means angry Americans will soon return to their new homes in search of happily ever after. There are many surprises to await as the Americans settle into their new homes, from donkey rides that result in falls to apparent cheating scandals.

How to Get 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 Episode 1 Online

The Other Way, a 90-day fiancé, Season 4 Episode 1 is available now.

On Sunday, January 29, TLC will premiere the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way at 8 pm Eastern Time and Pacific Time. The episode will be available on Discovery Plus the same day it first premieres.

TLC's amazing and generous staff have provided a quick recap of what fans can anticipate seeing with each couple throughout the season.

Daniele Gates (New York) and Yohan Geronimo (Dominican Republic)

Danielle has decided to leave New York to spend more time with him. Despite the fact that she has a Pekinese dog, there is no evidence of a child on the 90 Day Fiancé couple's social media accounts.

Debbie (Georgia) and Oussama (Morocco)

Debbie's 90 Day Stars may be familiar to you from previous 90 Day Stars. Oussama's family has a lot of doubt about the validity of their relationship. Debbie, on the other hand, is prepared to give up her life in the United States forever.

Gabriel Paboga (Florida) and Isabel Posada (Colombia)

Gaberiel is an aspiring business executive who travels extensively to Colombia. He gets to know Isabel, who understands him as the transgender man he is. Their fears about being rejected by others accompany them as they grow stronger. Gabriel is said to reveal his secret to Isabel's family, causing her to choose between Gabriel and her loved ones.

Jen Boecher (Oklahoma) and Rishi Singh (India)

Jen and Rishi, who met via a surprise in the hotel lobby, were initially hostile to him. They announced their engagement shortly after. Rishi's family is unaware that Jen exists. Even worse, a TLC Facebook teaser depicts a guy who responded with a topless image of him.

Kris Foster (Alabama) and Jeymi Noguera (Colombia)

Kris and Erika Owens will be seeing one another for the first time on The Other Way as she leaves her tight-knit family in the United States. She appears to be completely obsessive about the rescued dog and her "fur babies."

Nicole (California) and Mahmoud Abdelhamed (Egypt)

Nicole met Mahmout at a fabric store in Egypt and texted him back three weeks later, but she never revealed it to anyone. In season 4, she appears to be coping with cultural difficulties.

Many viewers were disappointed by the 90 Day Fiancé franchise's previous content. On Season 4, viewers are eager to meet Mahmoud and Nicole, considering the difficulties they have highlighted in the teaser.

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