OnlyFans is a well-known developer who is earning around 100k a month, and has launched an affordable housing program for UK families

OnlyFans is a well-known developer who is earning around 100k a month, and has launched an affordabl ...

A £100,000-a-month OnlyFans celebrity has pledged to assist low-income families by renting inexpensive houses.

Rebecca Goodwin has announced to her followers that she will be launching a "affordable housing program" with the help of the adult content website.

A 28-year-old Derbyshire lady wants to buy eight houses and rent them out to low-income families in order to alleviate their housing affordability dilemma.

Rebecca posted an update on Twitter earlier this week, stating, "The ball is now rolling with my 'affordable housing program."

"My intention is to purchase eight properties outright and rent them out to low-income individuals.

"One house I'll be renting out is a three-storey, four-bedroom, three-bathroom house with off-road parking for two cars, fully furnished, for £650 a month."

Rebecca says she will not take up the job to make money for herself, but rather to assist low-income families, and leave a legacy to her own two children.

Rebecca's reply to a query about whether or not her plans would be profitable was: "I make enough profit on OnlyFans, I have no mortgages, and rent payments are 100% profit except maintenance and insurance, this is a side hustle that my kids may inherit."

"I'm not doing it to make more money," says the entrepreneur. "I'm doing it [to] invest in my kids' futures."

Before becoming a creator on OnlyFans, the single mother's two children were forced to live on food coupons for about a month.

Rebecca explained her decision to the Independent in April 2019 due of "desperation."

The mother of two was £15,000 in debt at the time and had just received a debt relief order.

After joining the paid membership platform, she claimed to have earned £1,600 from selling her content.

Because of her increased income (up to £100,000 per month) and the purchase of a four-bedroom house and a vehicle, she is now able to pay off her debts.

'I've never made so much in a month before,' she told the Independent. Now, I'm able to purchase a house and a Porsche.'

She claims that her mother is "all for it" and that her oldest daughter, who is aware of what she is, "doesn't" bother her.

'They all are very accepting because they saw how in trouble I was,' she said.

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