Miss Nagatoro and Don't Toy With Me Recap from Season 2 of Season 2

Miss Nagatoro and Don't Toy With Me Recap from Season 2 of Season 2 ...

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 5, "So This Is Your Room, Huh, Senpai?" is a recap of a Crunchyroll anime series.

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 4, fans got their first introduction to Nagatoro's big sister. While her aim may have been to embarrass Nagatoro (voiced by Sumire Uesaka), Senpai learned Nagatoro's real first name. It was a much-needed step in Nagatoro and Senpai's journey.

Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 5 recap: Don't Toy With Me

Nagatoro approaches Senpai on the way to school, suddenly remembering her first name and imagines using it before quickly changing his mind.

Both Nagatoro and Senpai are blushing and avoiding eye contact, making things seem awkward between the two. However, after grabbing his sleeve and surprising him, Nagatoro admits she has been following the same methods as Senpai, who refuses to touch her. In retaliation, Nagatoro attempts to grab his sleeve but accidentally grabs her hand instead.

Senpai wakes up sick and finds himself staying home from school alone. Nagatoro gets surprised not to see him on her walk to school that morning and goes looking for him in the art room. When she fails to find him, she sends a series of texts to his phone asking him where he is, only to discover he's home alone. So after school, Nagatoro visits Senpai's house to check on him.

Nagatoro suggests Senpai lie down in his bed as his cold worsens. She is surprised by how neat it is, but sets off on a quest for something nasty. Senpai is causing Senpai to cough up, and she immediately ushers him to bed.

Nagatoro tells Senpai not to worry about his house thermometer; instead she places her forehead against his and declares that he has a fever. Nagatoro places a cold towel on Senpai's forehead and gives him fluids.

Senpai begins fantasizing about a future where she and Nagatoro get married. She returns to work to care for him and feed him. However, he does not seem to realize that Nagatoro is feeding him in real life. In his stupor, he apologizes to Nagatoro but accidentally uses her first name.

Nagatoro takes a minute to process Senpai's first name. She immediately freaks out but quickly recognizes this as an opportunity to tease Senpai. She pleads for him to repeat himself again, even offering to kiss him if it's something he's comfortable with.

Senpai wakes up the next morning feeling much better. His mother takes the opportunity to talk to him about the "cute girl" she saw him meet on her way out the door and asks if they are dating, which Senpai assures her they are not.

On his way to school, he recalls the fantasy he had the night before. Although he remembers using Nagatoro's first name, he cannot decipher which parts of his fantasy were dreams, and which were realities. He thanks Nagatoro for helping him throughout the day, but just when he realizes things are okay with Senpai, he begins paying him back for it yesterday.

Although Nagatoro did not learn Senpai's name this time around, viewers were still treated to a delightful episode. This program alternates between funny and more romantic moments quite well, so neither ever feels out of place. Because their relationship never feels forced, everything is allowed to progress naturally.

If and when Nagatoro's desire to kiss Senpai returns anytime soon, it'll be interesting to see how the show will reintroduce this kind of confession. However, if it does happen, it'll surely be a memorable experience.

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