Why did Edgar Wright leave the franchise back then, as an Ant-Man?

Why did Edgar Wright leave the franchise back then, as an Ant-Man? ...

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania, the first Marvel film of the year, will be released in German cinemas on February 15th. Many may overlook who was at the forefront of the Ant-Man franchise for years. However, in 2014, Frank Cornish, his longtime partner in the script, spoke up.

Ant-Man without Edgar Wright

Cornish tells The Playlist that the first discussions with Marvel took place during a time when superhero films weren't necessarily a "cool" genre. For example, Jon Favreau was preparing to direct the first Iron Man film at the time.

"Ant-Man," Cornish told his interlocutors, "the landscape changed completely." "People fell in love with superhero movies." Everything they loved in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s was suddenly brought to the big screen in a way that hadn't been seen before.

Cornish believes that the Marvel Universe had outperformed them in their quest. "They had this universe that the films had to fit into," according to the screenwriter. "I guess that's why it didn't happen in the end."

Edgar Wright's statements from a few years ago confirm this assumption. In an interview he gave to Variety at the time, he expressed his displeasure with the production. After Marvel requested a draft of the script without Wright's input, the popular screenwriter-director was beyond displeased.

PC game enthusiasts are also a fan.

There are estimates about how successful the first film from the MCU's fifth phase after the presale for Ant-Man 3 will be.

When will Ant-Man 3, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first phase, be available?

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Marvel is planning a third Guardians of the Galaxy this year, in addition to Ant-Man. As of this year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in its fifth phase. And if you can believe the CEO of the Marvel studio, you shouldn't be losing any time soon.

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