Apple has been sued for collecting user information

Apple has been sued for collecting user information ...

Apple has been accused of failing to comply with its user privacy obligations, according to The Register.

Apple is accused of obtaining information from iPhone owners despite the fact that the devices were designed to collect information.

Apple records consumer personal information and actions on its consumer mobile devices and apps, even after consumers indicated in their Apple mobile device settings that their data and information should not be shared, according to the lawsuit filed on January 26.

According to a research done by the Mysk development team last November, Apple collects analytics data even though users disable this option in iPhone settings. A similar lawsuit was filed in court earlier this month.

Julia Sima's lawsuit claims that Apple misleads users with privacy promises in its marketing materials and published policies, as well as in previous cases.

The lawsuit invokes Apple billboard slogans such as "Privacy. It's an iPhone," "What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone," and "Your iPhone knows a lot about you."

Apple has filed numerous lawsuits against the company because to a mismatch between the screen size indicated in the advertisement and the actual one, as well as because to Apple's exaggeration of the devices' capacity to withstand water.

The lawsuit claims that "Apple refuses to comply with user requests to restrict data sharing" and that it tracks user behavior, including how they find apps, how long they spend browsing apps in the App Store, and how often they view apps in the App Store.

Apple may still be able to demonstrate that it does not violate the privacy requirement, since the receipt of customer data does not constitute a transfer of information to a third party.

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