How to Improve PC and PS5 Performance in Dead Space Remake

How to Improve PC and PS5 Performance in Dead Space Remake ...

How to Improve PC and PS5 Performance in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space is back and looking better than ever; however, you may encounter framerate issues depending on your settings and hardware. We suggest that you contact Motive Studios immediately if your Dead Space isn't working as smoothly as you'd like. Use our helpful tutorial to help you get the most from your PC and PS5 when you're experiencing framerate issues.

How to Improve PC Performance in the Dead Space Remake

The first and most essential thing you should do to improve your PC's performance is to maintain a minimum and recommended setup. If your requirements are less than optimal, you may still tweak and adjust a few parameters to help smooth out your framerate. Try Nvidia DLSS or FSR 2.0 if you have an AMD card. This will allow you to adjust the resolution automatically to provide the highest feasible framerate.

Despite the fact that the visual quality may suffer, the improvement in performance is evident. These configurations are a great starting point for improving performance.

  • Lighting quality
  • Shadow quality
  • Volumetric resolution

If you reduce these three settings, the game's quality will suffer, but performance will greatly improve.

How to Improve PS5 Performance in Dead Space Remake

If you want to improve your performance, try changing your PS4 settings to Quality Level. The framerate is reduced, but the framerate remains unchanged at 30 frames per second. PC gamers should ensure their PC drivers are up-to-date and shut down any background apps to ensure the game has all it requires to perform smoothly.

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