Scar Girl is a scar girl treatment provided by a board certified plastic surgeon

Scar Girl is a scar girl treatment provided by a board certified plastic surgeon ...

Scar Girl emailed a plastic surgeon in the United States recently, claiming that her recognizable facial scar might not be real.

Here's all you need to know about it.

A medical professional, Dr. Emil Kohan, spoke up recently about whether or not the TikToker Scar Girl facial scar is genuine.

Ann Bonelli, an 18-year-old London influencer, is stealing the reigns over TikTok for her striking yet controversial facial scar.

Bonelli has a fresh pink wound on her face in her previous photo. However, in her most recent post, she appears to have a distinct brown line on her life, which made some of her fans believe the scar is not real.

Besides, the scar has sparked a heated debate among the app's users about the authenticity of the injury.

Bonelli was accused by many users of using make-up to conceal her scar and make her appear bigger. Others claimed that her scar isn't genuine and is merely a drawing.

Kohan, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, has yet to speak up about it.

'It usually doesn't.' He added, 'A regular scar turns pink and red over the course of months, and usually fades, particularly in a patient with a lighter complexion.'

Ann Bonelli appeared for an interview with NBC News on Wednesday, 26th January, where she discussed her scar.

'I feel like on social media people become so comfortable, especially with influencers in general, to make observations on things because they don't always perceive them as real people,' she said.

Bonelli has also denied rumors that she is faked in previous interviews.

She explained that she previously used a topical lightening lotion to cover her wound. However, the cream made her scar thicker and darker, and she developed a "chemical burn."

'I do think it's appropriate that people mindlessly comment hate for whatever reason it is,' Bonelli said. My account was created to show those who are out there that they're more than their scars.

Bonelli claims that domestic abuse caused her injury in 2020.

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