What is the reason for Julia Fox's criticism of TikTok's mascara trend?

What is the reason for Julia Fox's criticism of TikTok's mascara trend? ...

Following her'mascara trend' misunderstanding on TikTok, Julia Fox was recently embroiled in controversy with social media users from across the world.

Everything you need to know about it here.

The'mascara trend' is a recent TikTok user-created way to talk about their romantic relationships.

'mascara' is being used by people to describe their s*xual experiences without the fear of being banned by the app and as part of TikTok content moderation.

'I've had my mascara since I was 14,' said a user, who is now 24. The only mascara I've ever tried is this one, but I know it's not the same anywhere else.'

'mascara' is often used by users to replace the term s*x, while'mascara wand' is often used as a substitute for 'p*nis.'

Julia Fox was chastised by TikTok for responding to a user's story about someone using his'mascara' without consent.

Conor Whipple posted an essay on his TikTok earlier this week, describing his experience with sexual assault using the mascara trend.

'I gave this one girl mascara once,' he said, 'It must have been so good that she decided that her and her friend should both try it without my permission.'

'I don't feel sorry for u,' Fox replied to the story.

The Uncut Gems star has splintered the internet, with many praising Fox for her 'out of touch' remarks, but others swift to defend her, claiming that she is unaware of the mascara trend.

'I was also very confused,' a user said, adding that she didn't know much about the topic.

In the meantime, Fox admitted later this week that she was aware of the mascara trend or what Whipple was talking about in the interview.

'I commented on a video because I thought this guy was talking about getting his mascara stolen by some girl, then the girl gave it to a friend,' said the 32-year-old actress.

'It just seemed so dramatic in the video,' she said, and I was like, don't catch a case — it's just mascara. But it was, in fact, not just mascara.'

Fox then apologized in full force for her remarks, saying, 'I'm sorry,' and that she's really showing my age right now.

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