Is Lockwood and Co based on a true story or a book?

Is Lockwood and Co based on a true story or a book? ...

'Lockwood and Co' is a supernatural thriller that follows the lives of three teenagers who run a ghost-hunting company in London. Together, they solve some very difficult cases that lead them to new mysteries about their world and the secrets that they contain. If this makes you curious, then please contact us.

Is Lockwood and Co based on a book?

'Lockwood and Co' isn't a true story, but is based on Jonathan Stroud's book series of the same name. This premise gave Stroud an idea for what his new novel might involve.

'Lockwood and Co.' was inspired by M.R. James' "pretty nasty" ghosts, while also incorporating detective and occult themes into his work.

It was clear that this would be a story about teenagers fighting ghosts. He had to figure out why children would be the ones exposed to such a dangerous task. Why aren't children more able to deal with it? The author elaborated on this by implying that ghosts are everywhere. It's a real issue, an epidemic.

Stroud desired to have a Victorian setting, but instead created a modern world (ie. no cell phones for putting you in a position)).

Stroud decided to stick to real locations in London because he believes it "gives the magical or supernatural stuff more force." "I then overlay the fantastical things – ghosts or genies – on top of it, and watch how they interact," he explained. He also turned to "folklore and established legends" to sketch out the problems that Lockwood, Lucy, and George solve.

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