Is Harrison Ford's Paul a Parkinson's sufferer?

Is Harrison Ford's Paul a Parkinson's sufferer? ...

'Shrinking,' a comedy-drama series created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, follows Jimmy Laird (Segel), a therapist who is grieving the death of his wife. However, Jimmy begins to disregard his own ethical obligations while dealing with his own problems. In the first episode, Harrison Ford reveals that Paul has Parkinson's, affecting his relationships with everyone.

Paul Rhoades: Who is he in the midst of Shrinking?

In the fifth installment of 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,' Paul Rhoades is introduced, and actor Harrison Ford takes on the role.

'1923,' a prequel to the well-known Western drama 'Yellowstone,' features Ford as a mentor to Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), who helps Jimmy deal with his wife's death. Paul is the room's voice when Jimmy begins actively meddling in his patients' lives.

Paul Ford of Harrison Ford is suffering with Parkinson's disease.

Jimmy becomes fed up with his patients talking about the same issues but doing nothing to resolve them in the first episode. Later, when Jimmy mentions Paul's Parkinson's disease, the latter briefly mentions the disease in the show's first episodes.

Harrison Ford is a reasonably fit actor who reportedly does not have any illness that is commonly encountered among people at the age of 80. Despite being an accomplished therapist, Paul deals with a disease that is outside his control. Therefore, viewers will have to wait for further episodes to understand the effects of Parkinson's on Pauls' life in 'Shrinking.'

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