In a shotgun wedding, why did Darcy and Sean get married?

In a shotgun wedding, why did Darcy and Sean get married? ...

'Shotgun Wedding,' a action comedy series starring Lenny Kravitz, takes place on the day of Tom and Darcy's wedding. Despite their differences, Tom and Darcy are able to remain focused on certain things the following morning. During the next morning, Sean comes to the rescue, revealing just what happened between the two.

What happened to Darcy and Sean's separation?

While working for the Peace Corps in Bali, Darcy and Sean instantly fell in love and became hooked on each other. They even learned new inside jokes in a different language, which gave them a bond that they could never share with anyone else.

Tom knew all of this, but when Sean comes to his wedding rehearsal dinner on the night of his wedding, his fears begin to fade. On top of that, Tom notices that Sean is less popular than his wife-to-be's ex-boyfriend. And, clearly, his father-in-law loves Sean more than him. In fact, he forced his daughter to invite her ex to the wedding.

Sean appeared to be so perfect, and he also had Darcy's father's complete agreement, something that Tom had yet to receive, which he wonders why Darcy ended her relationship with him in the first place. She replies, saying, "No," but she refuses to explain why she ended her relationship with the seemingly perfect Sean.

Sean began to work with Darcy's father. He seemed to be less concerned about money and, in some ways, became her father. These changes were problematic for Darcy because she had decided to do something different than get married.

Darcy's decision was quite correct because Sean had become so naive that he hired a group of thiefs to enslave the lives of many people and force Darcy's father to pay millions of dollars. This is not the person that Darcy would have trusted for the rest of her life.

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