What Does the Meaning of the Shotgun Wedding Title?

What Does the Meaning of the Shotgun Wedding Title? ...

'Shotgun Wedding' on Netflix chronicles a tense wedding that has radically shifted the bride and groom's life. From the décor to the playlists to the napkins, the groom has controlled everything from the start. But things go wrong very quickly, and Tom and Darcy are reevaluating their relationship.

Meaning of the Shotgun Wedding Title and How to Explain It

The term "shotgun wedding" is used to describe a marriage that takes place under duress. The father's desire for the bride to marry his daughter is linked to something that might embarrass him if the marriage fails.

However, this context isn't present in the film 'Shotgun Wedding.' For starters, Tom and Darcy's union is taking place because both of them want it. There is also no need for an unnecessary embarrassment caused by an unwanted pregnancy. Even if Darcy were to marry Tom for that simple reason, the events in the film suggest that Tom wouldn't need to be persuaded to do so.

Darcy's father wants her to marry Tom because he believes he is no longer able to pay for his daughter. He expects her to invite her ex, Sean, to the wedding because his father believes she will harm their feelings for one another. Darcy is forced to take Tom to the wedding because of his dislike for him.

The filmmakers were relatively quiet about sticking to the defined term, thus why did they choose it as the story's title? Because for this reason, "shotgun" and "wedding" are probably the best words to describe the couple's life in a very difficult situation.

Once the gunmen enter the plot, shots are seen in every other scene of the film. This is why the filmmakers decided to combine both words to make it easier for the audience to understand what to expect from the film.

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