Is Derek Hale a dead person in Teen Wolf: The Movie? Why Did His Eyes Turn Red?

Is Derek Hale a dead person in Teen Wolf: The Movie? Why Did His Eyes Turn Red? ...

'Teen Wolf: The Movie,' a merry trip of nostalgia, brings MTV's 'Teen Wolf,' which ends with the final goodbye to the beloved, cold, and glaring Derek Hale we all know and love. Here's all you need to know about Derek's fate and his heroics in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie.'

Is Derek Hale still alive?

Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) is introduced in the series' premiere episode of 'Teen Wolf.' He is supposedly the last remaining member of the Hale family from Beacon Hills. Over the course of the show, Derek forms a close connection with Scott McCall and instructs him to control his werewolf powers. In 'Teen Wolf: The Movie,' Derek encourages Eli to recognize his true self.

Derek joins Scott and Eli in their final battle against the Nogitsune, who learns to become a werewolf. Derek and Scott must ensure that the trickster spirit is completely destroyed. However, Parrish may also end up killing Scott and Derek.

Derek's death is a heartbreaking event since he is easily one of the most popular characters in the original show. However, Derek's sacrifice himself represents his personal development as he learns to value his pack. Through their years of battle, Derek becomes attached to his friends and serves the character's purpose.

What Caused Derek's Eyes to Be Red?

Derek's eyes suddenly turn red as he pushes Scott aside and prepares to sacrifice himself. The sudden change in color implies that Derek has become an Alpha. Eventually, Derek defeats his uncle and becomes the Alpha, only to sacrifice the ability to heal his sister, Cora Hale.

The only known True Alpha is Derek McCall, who absolves himself of his involvement in his lover's tragic death years ago.

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