What Was The Filming of Infinity Pool?

What Was The Filming of Infinity Pool? ...

'Infinity Pool' is a sci-fi horror film directed by Brandon Cronenberg, set on the island of La Tolqa. However, when James and Em meet Gabi, the couple is tempted to explore the surrounding area outside the resort. Later, James and Em discover all about the island's hedonism, violence, and terror.

The film's quality is enhanced by spectacular visuals and scenic locations, as well as the bizarre and terrifying stories that unfold on the island of La Tolqa.

Locations for Infinity Pool Filming

'Infinity Pool' was shot in Croatia and Hungary, most specifically in ibenik and Budapest. According to sources, the principal filming for the thriller film began in September 2021 and ended up shooting in October of the same year. The filmmakers reportedly went scouting for suitable locations worldwide before deciding on Croatia and Hungary.

Croatia's ibenik

'Infinity Pool' was shot in and around ibenik, Croatia's third largest city, the Amadria Park resort at Hoteli Solaris 86 in the film 'Infinity Pool.' 'It's a beautiful place where James and Em stay in the film,' says the filming crew.

ibenik is considered to be the county seat of ibenik-Knin County, with its political, industrial, educational, and tourist infrastructure. The city also has several historical sites, including the Cathedral of St. James, St. Nicholas Fortress, St. John's Fortress, and the Barone Fortress.

Budapest, Hungary

Several crucial scenes from 'Infinity Pool' were also shot in Budapest, Hungary's capital and most populous city. From the looks of it, the production crew seemingly traveled across the city to shoot various interior and exterior scenes against suitable backdrops.

Budapest, which is situated in the Carpathian Basin, is one of the most visited cities in the world, with millions of international visitors coming every year. The city's many attractions include the Nagytétény Castle Museum, the Millenary Monument, Vajdahunyad Castle, the Elisabeth Bridge, and the Gerbeaud Café.

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