In Teen Wolf: The Movie, Are Stiles and Lydia Together?

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, Are Stiles and Lydia Together? ...

'Teen Wolf: The Movie,' a fan-favorite episode of MTV's original show, is a continuation of Jeff Davis' 'Teen Wolf,' a teen drama series that reunites viewers with their favorite characters as they enter the adult phase of their lives. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Stiles and Lydia the same?

Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin were high school students at Beacon Hills High School during the early seasons of the program. However, viewers would have to wait six seasons before they could see "Stydia" materialize. Stiles returns from the Wild Hunt and begins a romantic relationship with Lydia in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie.'

'Teen Wolf: The Movie' is set ten years after the series finale. Stiles and Lydia have spent many years together, achieving their wonderful conclusion. However, Lydia admits that she separated from Stiles, and the reason is rather tragic.

Lydia believes herself to be responsible for Stiles' death in her dreams. However, to prevent her dreams from becoming a reality, Lydia parted ways with Stiles. Sadly, Lydia and Stiles' happing ending could not be a happily ever after. Many viewers are dissatisfied with the film's attempt to recreate the couple's personality.

Is Dylan O'Brien in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Stiles Stilinski, played by actor Dylan O'Brien, has been dubbed the core of 'Teen Wolf,' along with the story's soul – Tyler Posey, who plays Jack Finney in the film. As a result, many viewers hoped that O'Brien would become the metaphorical "werewolf" of the conversation and appear for a brief appearance.

'The Maze Runner' actor said he was not interested in revisiting Stiles in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie.' Moreover, Roscoe, Stiles' jeep, owned by O'Brien in real life, is also a major part of the narrative.

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