Was Jerry Mittelstadt innocent or guilty? Update

Was Jerry Mittelstadt innocent or guilty? Update ...

Larry Leonarduzzi, a flagger who worked for Iron County, died after being hit by a speeding truck on January 13, 2021. The truck's driver, Jerry Mittelstadt, claimed he was unresponsive and that he was shaken awake by the impact of the collision. The defense of Larry Leonarduzzi filed a lawsuit in court, claiming that he had fallen asleep.

Jerry Mittelstadt: What Was He Doed?

Jerry Mittelstadt, a resident of Newald, Wisconsin, was 57 at the time of the accident. His wife spoke on how she always saw the good in others. However, his job required him to travel long distances frequently, and he was actually on his way to work when his truck hit Larry Leonarduzzi in Iron County, Michigan.

Larry Leonarduzzi, who was flagging cars in a designated work zone, had a good few hours till his shift came to an end, and he looked forward to returning home to his family. A truck struck Larry quickly at high speed, sending him against a second truck, which then crashed into him again, killing him on the spot.

Jerry claimed that he had fallen asleep before being jolted awake by the impact of the collision. He managed to escape by opening the passenger door, but he realized that he was hurting badly and that he was still alive. Immediately after, he noticed Larry Leonarduzzi caught in the middle of two trucks; he later mentioned how the victim's face continues to haunt him to this day.

Was Jerry Mittelstadt found guilty of indictable or guilty?Where is he today?

Jerry Mittelstadt was charged with moving violation causing death in a work or school bus zone and reckless driving causing death. On the other hand, the defense discovered that Jerry had a medical condition; in December 2020, he felt suffocated and almost blacked out at work.

Jerry was scheduled to see a pulmonary doctor shortly after the incident due to Covid restrictions. Incidentally, he could go to the doctor after the accident and was diagnosed with a paralyzed diaphragm, which frequently leads to frequent blackouts. However, doctors right after the accident noticed that Jerry's oxygen saturation levels were low.

Jerry pled not guilty on account of a medical emergency after the prosecution filed a motion to dismiss his charges in court. Despite his previous driving convictions, the jury sided in his favor and cleared him of all charges in 2022.

Jeanette has two sons from a previous relationship, although the couple have since moved out and are living independently at the time of writing. Jerry's medical condition has improved over the months, making the family mainly dependent on his disability payments and a modest income. Yet, the 57-year-old wife was optimistic that their lives would turn around shortly.

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