How Does Nogitsunes Devine Move in Teen Wolf The Movie Finale?

How Does Nogitsunes Devine Move in Teen Wolf The Movie Finale? ...

'Teen Wolf: The Movie,' a supernatural thriller film directed by Russell Mulcahy, follows Scott McCall's high school story that was later developed for television by Jeff Davis. Nevertheless, Scott, the perpetual Alpha, is forced to gather his pack for one hell of a fight.

Synopsis of the Movie Plot for Teen Wolf

'Teen Wolf: The Movie' opens with a hooded figure meeting Liam Dunbar and Hikari Zhang in Japan. After tricking the duo, the man steals a jar and liberates the Nogitsune from confinement. Scott McCall lives in Los Angeles with his mentor, Dr. Alan Deaton. Moments later, Allison's father, Chris Argent, arrives at Scott's shelter and tells them that Allison is trapped between life and death.

Derek Hale works as a consultant for Sheriff Noah Stilinski as they investigate a string of arsons in the town's woods. However, Eli gets into trouble when Derek discovers his actions. He meets Lydia in Beacon Hills and seeks help for the Nemeton to perform the ritual.

Eli guides the trio to the Nemeton, only to discover Allison dead and unconscious. The Nogitsune follows Allison to the hospital, but she escapes after returning consciousness. Scott and his pack follow Allison, and soon, the Nogitsune's nine Oni assist her. The plot unfolds as Scott's pack unites under the tough situations to oppose the Nogitsune.

What Is the Nogitsune's Devine Move At the End of Teen Wolf: The Movie?

The Nogitsune has fooled Allison into thinking they killed her family, and she pursues his friends as he does the math. This time, Allison died in Scott's arms. The Nogitsune wants to repeat its cycle of violence.

Adrian Harris, the group's chemistry teacher from their high school days, unleashed the Nogitsune, posing as Derek, Sheriff Stilinski, Noah, Hikari, Eli, Scott, and Allison in a corporeal world created via its illusion. Similarly, Lydia, Jackson, Melissa, Peter, and Chris are held by the Oni outside a mountain ash barrier.

Scott refuses to allow any of his friends to die, hence the Nogitsune's Devine Move of Allison murdering Scott. Hikari's Fire Kitsune spirit has been protecting Scott all along. Eventually, Parrish and Malia arrive with silver bullets capable of killing the Oni.

Scott and Derek Defeat the Nogitsune in What Ways?

Scott's pack defeats the Oni while Scott and Derek face off against the Nogitsune. The fight scene is reminiscent of how Derek was the Alpha, although with Scott's help, the group defeated the toughest foes only with Stiles' help. Nevertheless, Eli transforms into a werewolf and fills out the third spot.

The Nogitsune plays its hand in creating an illusion that separates Scott, Derek, and Eli. However, the trio manages to dissect the illusion through their roar. Scott learned from Derek, the first lesson.

Derek accepts responsibility, pushing Scott aside. Derek bravely sacrifices himself to protect his loved ones and perishes with the Nogitsune. However, in his final moments, he entrusts Eli's responsibility to Scott. Through their shared werewolf bond, Derek accepts responsibility for Eli.

Derek's story is brought back to life by his eyes turning Red, becoming a True Alpha. Derek's eyes became blue when he became responsible for his lover's death. Sadly, his True Alpha power isn't enough to save him from the hellfire, and Derek Hale, pleases him.

Is Eli a Werewolf?Why Did He Get the Jeep?

Scott and his family celebrate Derek's death after he reminded him that he would always care for him as Derek did when he was younger. Harris is imprisoned and sent to Eichen House, a psychiatric facility for those who believe in the supernatural, after failing to confront his wolf form during a traumatic childhood incident. However, Eli learns to be a werewolf.

Sheriff Stilinski gives Eli the keys to Stiles' jeep, as a testament to his father's legacy. Thus, the Sheriff urges Eli to keep the jeep running as a symbol of his father's legacy. The 'Teen Wolf' universe also finds a way to keep moving forward, sometimes without the most fan-favorite characters like Stiles and Derek.

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