Kathy Glew: Where is Steve Glew's wife now?

Kathy Glew: Where is Steve Glew's wife now? ...

'The Pez Outlaw' is a documentary about a deceptive guy from DeWitt, Michigan, who started a successful business smuggling unique PEZ dispensers from Eastern Europe and selling them in the United States in the 1990s. Yet, what captures viewers' hearts is his sweet connection with Kathy Glew, who is now a father of three children.

Kathy Glew, who is she?

Steve Glew, her husband, was initially a recluse who did not like people. He became so focused on his tasks that he ignored anyone else around him, according to Kathy. Yet, she has always maintained that he had a vision and a wonderful personality, which would be apparent to anyone who knew him.

Kathy and Steve wed in 1971 and settled in a small, old farmhouse, later having two sons named Josh and Moriah. Although others tagged him as losers, Kathy has always remained firm in his convictions.

Kathy said in the documentary that, at first, she would shy away from all of her husband's outrageous schemes and ideas. Yet, eventually, she decided to give him the opportunity to be his own boss. In 1990, Steve worked as a machine operator, collecting cereal box coupons and acquiring toys distributed by the manufacturers for them. He then sold these items to collectors at local fairs.

Kathy initially dismissed the idea of purchasing PEZ dispensers as another of his unfavorable schemes. However, she soon agreed and allowed him and their son, Josh, to return to Slovenia to buy them through word-of-mouth marketing.

Steve resigned from his job to pursue the business full time in a matter of eleven years. He bought a larger farmhouse for himself and Kathy, paid for his daughter's college education, and funded his wife's hobby of horse riding.

What happened to Kathy Glew today?

Kathy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and decided to give her a home and a loan to make his own PEZ designs. After a few years, PEZ Candy Inc. decided to break up.

Steve's business crashed badly when he was left with huge debt, but his wife Kathy stayed strong throughout the years they had together. He often credits his spouse for caring for him during this period and for refusing to give up on himself.

In 2010, Steve began blogging his exploits online in an attempt to get noticed by a film producer or book publisher. 'The Pez Outlaw' was finally agreed upon. Kathy and Steve still reside on their farm in DeWitt, Michigan, where they board and care for horses. The latter also works as an Advanced Instructor and Evaluator at PATH International.

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