Where was the Shotgun Wedding Shotgun Filmed?

Where was the Shotgun Wedding Shotgun Filmed? ...

'Shotgun Wedding' on Amazon Prime is a romantic comedy film about the flamboyant but controversial couple's destination wedding. However, the celebrations turn into a hostage situation when several uninvited guests in masks crash the wedding. The couple does not belong to the thieves as they got cold feet before the situation escalated.

Tom and Darcy must now work together to save their loved ones and the rest of the guests, while still keeping the viewers hooked from the beginning until the end. Many of you may be curious about where 'Shotgun Wedding' was actually shot!

Locations for Shotgun Wedding Filming

The 'Shotgun Wedding' was shot in the Dominican Republic and Massachusetts, including in Mara Trinidad Sánchez Province, Samaná Province, Juan Dolio, and Boston. According to sources, the film's photography for Jennifer Lopez starrer commenced in February 2021 and ended in April of the same year!

Dominican Republic's Mara Trinidad Sánchez Province

The majority of the pivotal scenes for 'Shotgun Wedding' were shot in the Dominican Republic's Mara Trinidad Sánchez Province. Reportedly, NI Dominican Republic at Autopista Rio San Juan Cabrera Km # 3, where Tom and Darcy's marriage takes place.

The aforementioned location serves as a wedding venue in real life, as well. For instance, many beach scenes were recorded on location near the Playa Grande beach. Cabrera, a small town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic's north coast, serves as yet another important filming location for the action film.

Other Locations in the Dominican Republic

The producers of 'Shotgun Wedding' visited other Dominican Republic locations for shooting. These include the Municipalities of Sánchez and Samaná, as well as the small seaside community of Juan Dolio, located in the town of San Pedro de Macoris.

Josh Duhamel (Tom) revealed that he had a near-death experience while he was in the Dominican Republic. “I’m filming this thing and literally washed me over the edge of this cliff,” he said. “It was one of my near-death experiences for sure.”

Boston, Massachusetts

Additional scenes from the 'Shotgun Wedding' were shot in Boston, Massachusetts, the state capital and most populous city. The locations in the city are believed to be from the couple's everyday lives.

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