Is Pathaan a True Story?

Is Pathaan a True Story? ...

'Pathaan' is a Hindi action thriller directed by Shahrukh Khan, an ever-so-honored Indian great. They entrust him with the task of deterring Jim (John Abraham), a former RAW agent who also leads a private terrorist organization.

Jim conspires with a Pakistani army general and plans a deadly virus epidemic in India. Pathaan and Rubina Mohsin, also known as Rubai, (Deepika Padukone) conspire to devastate their common enemy. Let's see if you can identify all the details.

Is Pathaan a True Story?

No, 'Pathaan' is not based on a true story. Rather, it includes certain elements that relate to several real-life events. The first is the repeal of Article 370 on August 5, 2019. The Pakistani government publicly opposed the change on several occasions, much like the army general in 'Pathaan.'

Ananya Chakravarty's killer is a vengeful ex-RAW agent Jim, who loses his family while conducting an investigation. He despises the government for failing to trust him during his tenure in Delhi. The film's makers have not claimed anything.

Jim threatens to unleash a deadly virus in India in the name of retribution. The smallpox virus was eradicated in the 1970s, but they revive it and mutate it to create a deadly form suitable for biological warfare in 2019.

During the epidemic, many stories speculated and accused China of orchestrating this global catastrophe and employing Corona as a biological warfare weapon. The theory is unsubstantiated, but it does have all of the ingredients that could sway the meaty plot of a compelling film like 'Pathaan.'

According to ex-RAW Chief Amarjit Singh Dulat, both organizations helped save Pervez Musharraf (former Pakistan's president) in 2004. "The ISI also acknowledges that timely information provided by R&AW may have saved Musharraf's life." Moreover, the director and writers have used pivotal events in India's history for various plot points.

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