Are Stacey and Florian the couple of those who shared a 90-day feud?

Are Stacey and Florian the couple of those who shared a 90-day feud? ...

'Darcey & Stacey' is a new spin-off of the '90 Day' franchise where Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva (two twin sisters who previously appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days) document their professional and romantic lives on the show. They are both well-known for their relationships which include cheating allegations, drama, weddings, and other things.

Stacey and Florian's 90-day Fiance Journey

Florian is a fitness influencer and model. Stacey is a reality TV star, actress, co-owner of a clothing company, and a proud mother of two children. However, the hype is short-lived when Stacey's family and friends discover disturbing pictures on his phone. Florian wins Stacey back by showering her with presents and roses.

Stacey found herself in a tough spot after she discovered TikTok videos of Florian and the woman she posed with in the earlier pictures. According to the woman, Florian was the one who approached her and told her that he felt like he was on a leash the entire four years he was with Stacey.

During the epidemic, the couple secretly married and exchanged their wedding vows. Meanwhile, the woman contacts Darcey again with proof of Florian and her being intimate. Stacey was unaware of this conflict and was just delighted to marry her!

Everyone is surprised when the newly married announce their relationship status, but Darcey is also hurt. She finally showed the video to Stacey, and her world came crashing down. She forgave him and believed that it was a past mishap.

Season 2, the couple was attempting to conceive, but Stacey's age and other medical difficulties made it difficult for the couple, which both were disheartened.

Florian lash out at this because he did not like to change partners in the following season. Stacey thought this behavior was excessive.

Stacey vowed to do another wedding in Miami, one where the two sisters marry the love of their lives simultaneously. Florian vetoed this idea because he just got his green card and is eager to work again.

Is Stacey and Florian a duo?

Stacey and Florian have both been married for a year, and they have already planned their honeymoon to a tropical island. Due to a disagreement in February 2022, Darcey and her ex-fiancé were left out.

Stacey was concerned about their age disparity and their differences while watching the show. They both agreed that they are still in love and they share a bed together every night. She loves that Florian is very close to her family, particularly his dad and sons.

Florian was dissatisfied with spending a ton of their money on the wedding. On the other hand, Stacey wanted him to take more responsibility, and she stated, "He needs to start contributing," and "I don't know where that leads us." So, the finances are still the reason for their marriage, but hopefully, the duo can overcome that once Florian finds a rewarding job.

The couple seems to be fine for the time being, but there are still areas that need to be addressed immediately, and we are totally rooting for them to overcome their differences over the long run.

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