Post-Credits Scene in Gossip Girl Season 2: Explanation

Post-Credits Scene in Gossip Girl Season 2: Explanation ...

'Gossip Girl' is a teen drama series that follows Julien Calloway, a social media influencer who faces the titular anonymous social media blogger in a heated post-credits confrontation. In the aftermath of the finale's shocking events, two unlikely characters meet face-to-face in a post-credits scene. Here's all you need to know about the post-credits and the tease for Gossip Girl's future!

Post-Credits Scene in Gossip Girl Season 2: Does Jordan Accept the Offer?

The 'Gossip Girl' season 2 finale is titled 'I Am Gossip.' Julien joins her friends in attempting to overthrow the anonymous blogger once and for all. People will likely assume Zoya was behind the account at the MET Gala.

Kate accepts responsibility for Gossip Girl's actions and withdraws from the drama. However, when the producers receive the news that she is fighting for her life as Gossip Girl, Kate is tempted. She admits to being Gossip Girl and is charged with other crimes. Therefore, Kate is sent away and Gossip Girl is no longer alive.

In a post-credits scene, Roger Menzies (Malcolm McDowell of 'A Clockwork Orange') is waiting for a guest to join him. Jordan Glassberg (Adam Chanler-Berat) is Constance Billard's ex-computer science teacher who is also Kate's boyfriend. Jordan helped Kate organize an Instagram account that tormented teenagers from the most powerful families.

Roger explains that he intends to expand Gossip Girl. He wants to enact a worldwide app that would enable teenagers to spy on one another. With Roger Menzies' money and influence, Gossip Girl will be practically unstoppable.

Jordan's response to the offer is unclear. It is evident that Roger's offer is enticing. Furthermore, Jordan is an accomplice in Kate's crimes as Gossip Girl, which means that he may face legal consequences if he rejects Roger's offer.

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