Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 4

Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 4 ...

Charlie Cale joins a has-been metal band named Doxxxology while the band is on tour. She begins the episode by establishing some loose ends in order to discover why his friend died. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Poker Face episode 4

'Rest in Metal' begins with Ruby Ruin, the lead singer of a once-known band named Doxxxology, who is searching for a drummer for their next tour. Soon, Ruby and Gavin join the rest of the band members Al and Eskie as they perform in various pubs and bars in Wisconsin, demanding the performance of the song entirely.

Charlie searches for a job and discovers Ruby, who appoints her as the band's merchandise seller, prompting the drummer to include him into the band's extended circle. Affected by Ruby's words, Gavin allows Gavin to spend a night with the rest of his bandmates.

Why Do Ruby, Al, and Eskie Kill Gavin in Poker Face Episode 4?

Doxxxology's famous hit song "Staplehead" was praised by the band's previous drummer, who left the group without paying any compensation to the other three bandmates in the past, making the group a has-been. Due to the lack of a hit, Doxxxology members do not intend to break up.

Gavin tells his band members that he had written and composed a song, titled "Sucker Punch." However, Al and Eskie do not want the "Staplehead" situation to repeat since they do not want Gavin to receive full credit for "Sucker Punch." Thus, the rest of the band members kill him and acquire the song.

"Sucker Punch" is their second chance to become relevant musicians again. They begin to believe that the song will transform their current identity as a has-been band, and that for the same to happen, it is crucial that the group's creation be presented as the group's creation.

What Is Charlie's Method for Solving Gavin's Murder?

Gavin is electrocuted and died while performing in a Doxxxology concert. Charlie becomes suspicious as she discovers that Gavin was the person who wrote the lyrics for several products the drummer has been using.

Charlie admits that she and her band are recording the song without giving Gavin any credit since they deserve a second chance at becoming a recognized or distinguished band. She also learns from Deuteronomy that the amplifier that killed Gavin might be modified to make it a dangerous piece of equipment. She also watches Al composing a new song about an undoable murder, which increases her suspicion.

Charlie notices the camera Gavin kept at the bottom of the chair to examine his footwork. Ruby, Al, and Eskie both wore thick rubber soles in order to protect their shoes from the electric shock that strikes Gavin. Since Deuteronomy, who arranges the amplifier and other equipment, was fired just before Gavin's death, Charlie realizes that he was ejected by the band members to harm Gavin's amplifier.

Charlie's as an investigator has a significant bearing on Ruby, Al, and Eskie's future. After the success of her song "Sucker Punch," Charlie reveals the evidence she has about Gavin's murder on a podcast.

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