Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 2

Recap and Conclusion of Poker Face Episode 2 ...

Charlie Cale embarks on an extraordinary journey to New Mexico, where she meets Marge, the father of Frost Casino's Sterling Frost Jr. The second episode of Peacock's thriller series 'The Night Shift,' titled 'The Night Shift,' follows Charlie's attempts to escape from Nevada.

Recap of Poker Face 2

Damian, a social media sensation working at a Subway outlet, prepares a special sandwich. He invites Sara and Damian to participate in a meteor shower in the hopes of reconnecting with Sara. Jed eventually meets Jed at the top of his shop and wins.

Jed beats Damian to death and dumps the dead man's body inside Marge's truck, which is captured on video. However, Marge abandons the dead man's body, making the authorities suspect her as the murderer. Charlie sets out to unravel the truth for the pleasure of their friendship.

How Does Charlie Solve Damian's Murder in Poker Face Episode 2?

Charlie sets out to prove that her friend isn't the perpetrator. Jed has called 9-1-1 to report the killing. When Charlie asks him whether he saw Damian later the night on which he was killed, he replies that he hadn't.

Charlie discovers a beer bottle cap inside Damian's apron and enters Jed's shop's rooftop, which is covered with similar beer bottle caps. She also discovers a coin on the rooftop with scratch card residue on it, making her suspect Jed as the perpetrator.

Charlie discovers that Jed has won the scratch card for the second time in his life. Thus, Jed's own error is the last nail in his coffin.

What Causes Jed to Kill Damian?

Jed has been watching Sara from a distance with enormous jealousy because of Damian, a charming young social media celebrity who isn't able to compete with the former in any way.

Jed must have thought about being in Damian's shoes. He may have thought that winning the scratch card would enable him to escape the room with Sara. However, he is aware that Sara would never marry him if Damian is alive, which ultimately drives him to push the latter from his store's rooftop and bludgeon him to death.

Is Jed Arrested?Is Marge Released From Prison?

'The Night Shift' concludes with several police cars speeding to Jed's shop while he is sitting on the rooftop. It is evident that he is not trying to escape the authorities. Jed kills Damian for getting together with Sara and running away from his seat with her. He has no prospects in his path to follow/pursue by running away from the police. His only remaining family member asks him to leave when he attempts to murder Charlie.

Marge will be freed from any charges since Jed is expected to be arrested. Charlie and Sara have obtained sufficient information to return Marge since Cliff has arrived. However, she repays Marge by freeing her from prison.

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