Recap and Ending of Poker Face 1

Recap and Ending of Poker Face 1 ...

Peacock's thriller series 'Poker Face' revolves around Charlie Cale, who has the incredible ability to see through anyone's poker face to identify lies one says. The first episode of the series, titled 'Dead Man's Hand,' follows Charlie's meeting with her boss Sterling Frost Jr., who learns everything about her special abilities from his retired businessman father.

Recap of Poker Face in Episode 1

Natalie, a housekeeper working at Frost Casino, is surprised by Kazimir Caine's laptop screen. She shows it to her superior Cliff, who contacts Sterling Frost Jr., who runs the casino. She knows that she can easily win any poker game by identifying the "tells" of each player.

Caine's loyalty to the casino is of paramount importance, and Sterling instructs Cliff to murder Natalie and her abusive boyfriend Jerry, then pins her murder on the deceased partner by arranging her suicide. Charlie, her best friend, visits the sheriff's office to learn more.

What Happened to Natalie and Jerry's Murders at Poker Face Episode 1?

Charlie's fascination with Natalie and Jerry grows when she discovers a tablet. He tells her the truth about her friend's death and kills herself. Still, she sees a photograph in which the murder weapon is in Jerry's right hand.

Charlie opens the tablet and notices Natalie's laptop screen. She theorizes that Caine killed Natalie and refers to Sterling, who denies the claim. During their conversation, Charlie realizes that Sterling is hiding "something."

Charlie has worked in Frost Casino enough to realize that Cliff does not move an inch without the orders of Sterling or anyone else who takes over the head's office. Thus, she confronts Sterling and Cliff about the two deaths. Since Sterling knows that lying to Charlie is futile, he admits to ordering the two murders.

Why Does Sterling Frost Jr. Kill Himself?

Charlie does not feel threatened until he discovers the truth about Natalie and Jerry's murders. She records Sterling's elaborate plot to depose Caine and sends it to the businessman. Caine realizes that he is on enemy land and leaves the casino.

Sterling intended to show his father that he is capable of expanding their wealth and authority when his father retired and handed over the casino to him. He hopes to outdo his father in the future. When Caine and other key customers of the casino vanish from the building, Sterling realizes that he has ended up being a failure.

Sterling realizes that he and his casino are doomed for the rest of their lives. His father calls him to remind him how terrible he is for the second half of his life.

Who Is Putting Charlie at Risk?

Charlie realizes that her life is in jeopardy when Sterling Frost Jr. kills himself. Cliff tries to kill her and she succeeds in escaping him. As she runs away from Cliff, the casino boss' father Mr. Sterling calls her to threaten her.

Charlie paid his son Sterling Jr.'s death and wants to put an end to her life as a vengeance act. He orders Cliff to track down Charlie and bring her to him. Although killing himself was the casino boss' choice, his father wants Charlie to have the same fate.

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