Recap and Explanation of Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 4

Recap and Explanation of Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 4 ...

The titular character becomes a little curious about hugging her friend and having a more girly romantic connection with her friends in 'Tomo-chan Is a Girl!' Then, Mifune and Ogawa meet Tomo for a very personal reason.

Recap of Tomo-chan Is a Girl in Season 4

Tanabe is a pupil in Tomo's class who loves Misuzu but she seems to ignore him. He tries to smile at her but she does not notice him. Later that day, Tomo notices girls begin to embrace and be close to one another, something she has always avoided.

Carol gives Tomo a long hug late that day, following which she begins to question her sexuality. Interestingly, Misuzu confesses once afterward that she wants to be hugged. When Tomo argues that it will be awkward, Misuzu reminds her that Junichirou acts clingy with her all the time. But Junichirou is wary of it.

Why Does Carol Need Love Advice From Misuzu?Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 4: Why Does Carol Need Love Advice From Misuzu?

Carol takes Misuzu to the terrace during her lunch break to get some advice on her love life. She has also called Misaki there, so that Misuzu may really see and understand what she is dealing with. He even jokes that even though she appears odd, Misuzu must remember that she is a nice girl deep down.

Carol is preparing for lunch, and Misaki wipes them off without even realizing that he is touching her in an inappropriate manner. After he leaves, Misuzu tells Carol that he understands her problem isn't exactly like Tomo's, since Misaki sees her as a girl. For the time being, all she tells her is to take life more seriously.

Why do Mifune and Ogawa seek Tomo's assistance?

Mifune disturbs Carol, Misuzu, and Tomo when they have a private conversation in the class. Unfortunately, the boy is known for approaching other girls romantically and never truly interested in dating anyone.

Ogawa is concerned about Tomo and wants to take her to meet him later in the day after school. Naturally, Tomo goes with Ogawa and Mifune to give them all of their help. When she informs Tomo that Ogawa is not interested in her, he shamelessly calls Tomo a genius and then claims that the three of them may have misunderstood things.

Tomo runs off, reassures Ogawa and Mifune that she will take care of him if he refuses to go after them again. But Junichirou plans an attack on Tomo the same day, and they apologize to him.

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