The Xbox version of Clunky Hero, the Weird Anti-hero, is now available

The Xbox version of Clunky Hero, the Weird Anti-hero, is now available ...

The Clunky Hero heroine Rufus, from Estonia, has been released by Chaosmonger Studio. It is now available on Xbox.

Hole Knight meets "Monty Python"

Rufus is only a simple farmer who works on a farm and is somewhat indecent. He is a strange guy who at some point must develop into a hero in order to save his family from the Evil One, who's identification will remain unclear. His spouse, Brunilde, may also not be the classic enticing princess of video games, although she is just the other.

Sure, the protagonist of Clunky Hero will simply dodge brushes at the start of the game, but extra loopy weapons will be available afterward, such as a gigantic banana or a frozen eel, as well as astounding improvement gadgets and bizarre, special abilities.

Clunky Hero has a solid metroidvania gameplay, with almost 50 ranges set in nine totally different areas. The varied terrain is enhanced with detailed backgrounds, while the game-mechanic is typical of an arcade side-scroller.

The game's style, which is primarily focused on the enjoyable fast slashing of many enemies, can also be viewed within the many, but obscure, secret rooms in the arcade.

"I wanted to create a truly enjoyable recreation, not only in its weird parts and funny dialogues, but also in its replayability," says developer Nicola Piovesan. "It's a metroidvania recreation for everyone."

Have a great time with Clunky Hero, available today for Xbox at an excellent value!

Clunky Hero

The chaosmonger studio is a business that specializes on chaos.

8 of the New York Times

$11.99 is the price of $14.99.

Clunky Hero is a platformer game that combines RPG with hack'n'slash and tons of humor. Until one day, the Evil One began to unfold his minions around the village, killing all of his relatives and killing his entire family.

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