Why was the Pyrah split in Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina?

Why was the Pyrah split in Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina? ...

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 5, "Pass Through Fire," is recapped. There are spoilers included.

The Prime Video animated series, which is based on Critical Role's web series, has begun to use flashback sequences more vigorously to flesh out its cast of characters. In "Pass Through Fire," Keyleth's (voiced by Marisha Ray) past is explored in more detail.

Recap of Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina

Keyleth's flashback takes us back to her childhood home in the highlands. Her mother demonstrates the Ashari's many inherent powers, telling Keyleth to never give up. She will learn this skill later on.

Keyleth seems distracted as she gathers firewood. Pyrah is the last place her mother was ever seen alive. Scanlan notices that Grog has gone missing and goes to investigate. The evil sword forces Grog to eat fresh blood.

Vax wakes from the nightmare screaming to be left alone, but the others are uneasy about Vax's sudden change in attitude. He goes for a walk in private and attempts to remove the armor, although it appears he cannot remove this vestige from his body.

Vex notices strange writing on the shaft and asks Scanlan to translate. He levitates, zipping around the area. Keyleth is shocked when she learns that the dormant volcano has erupted, but Vax is vehemently against it.

Keyleth discovers that the Fire Ashari are being attacked by a group of dragons, although they are smaller in size than the Chroma Conclave. The fire plane has been torn wide open and the dragons are rushing out of it. Together they must close the gateway or it will remain open forevermore. Ladies Kima (Stephanie Beatriz) and Allura have joined the fight and are also assisting in sealing the gateway.

The other members of the Vox Machina gang decide to assist Keyleth out and quickly catch up with their comrade. This allows for more fun action sequences, as the gang battles all the mini dragons in their path, including Trinket, who is desperate for blood.

Kima and Allura provide further information to the gang on why this conflict erupted in the first place. They used a lost artifact named the Soul Anchor, which imprisoned Thordak in the fire plane. Thordak now faces the consequences, and Keyleth and her father try to contain the problem.

Keyleth's father is severely wounded and she rushes to his aid. She admits to hearing her mother's voice as she walks into the fiery portal. This gives her new abilities, and she ends the conflict for good.

Pyrah gives Keyleth the benefit of returning to the land of the living. They are informed that Thordak is working with a mole, and Vex understands them. She now owes him one major favor. Kima and Allura join their gang, but the beloved couple refuses the invitation.

The dragons gather more treasures and burn another cityscape. Ripley appears and threatens the dragons. Their reign will be short-lived unless they obey her warning. The dragon responds to her message. She holds out the orb as the dragon listens to her message.

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