The Genshin Impact's Three Dendro Monuments: How to Solve the Puzzle

The Genshin Impact's Three Dendro Monuments: How to Solve the Puzzle ...

The Hadramavet Desert's Dendro Monuments is a hidden gem that may be discovered while exploring the northeastern outskirts. The Traveler will have to clear the area of enemies, dig and light three totems using the appropriate element.

The solution to the puzzle with the Dendro monuments in the Panjwah Ruins will be shown on the map, and we will show you where to find the hidden totem.

Where Can I Find Dendro Monuments in the Panjwah Ruins?

The mystery lies in the ruins' hidden cave area. When you reach the point marked on the map, you may drop down from the cliff.

Fly until you reach a lively oasis area. Continue to the next level by clicking on the four leaf symbols until you see the Sacred Red Vulture roaming.

Continue to solve the puzzle once you have landed on the dune.

In Panjwahe Ruins in Genshin Impact, how do I solve the Dendro Monuments puzzle?

The Traveler must unlock and activate three totems, using Dendro's ability to receive a chest reward.

To accomplish this, it is recommended to include a character with the appropriate component in the squad. For example, Tignari, Kollei, or Dendro Traveler.

A group of hilichurls guards the waterfall monument under the command of an abyss mage. Above the totem is a camp of the "snow," guarded by the Skirmisher and the Magician of Qicin Fatui.

Cryo's mage and hilichurl archer attacks will cause a lot of damage, triggering a Freeze reaction.

Use the active ability Character's Dendro (default "E" or Aimed Shot for archers) to charge the monument.

To the right of the first two totems, there are two ordinary hilichurls in the quantity of two pieces.

Deal with them, and hang Dendro's thread around the monument.

To the left of the waterfall, the last totem is hidden beneath heaps of stones. Choose a hero who can wield a one-handed or two-handed sword and destroy the obstacle.

Kill the hilichurls that guard the "pedestal," and charge it with Dendro's force. After that, take the prize.

Award winners

Reward for solving the puzzle – a hefty chest of goodies:

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