The electric sit-stand desk costs 100 less than the electric chair

The electric sit-stand desk costs 100 less than the electric chair ...

News good deal €100 off on the electric sit-stand desk

Published on 01/26/2023 at 09:50

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If health is a regular issue during work, there are strategies to deal with it and to increase comfort; therefore, sales are an excellent opportunity to make the most of it at reduced prices.

Sales are down €100 for the Flexispot adjustable desk.

Although the health of employees has been a major concern in the world of work for years, many had not anticipated the recurring problems with office jobs over a period of decades.

The Flexispot is available for €279.99 on Amazon.

The discomfort caused by too inactive a job in terms of mobility is even greater, since it affects the body in the long run without you feeling the pain.

Manufacturers have raised the issue for years and are attempting to offer solutions, such as this Flexispot desk that is sold on Amazon in regular times for €379.99.

During this sales period, your body will thank you at the same time as your wallet since by activating the discount coupon on the product page, you can receive a 100€ discount and thus obtain the option to purchase this adjustable desk for 279.99€.

This Flexispot desk is on sale now to take care of your back.

Hence, employees are often encouraged to work from home, at a time when telework has perhaps finally developed an affinity with supervisors.

This steel-finish desk has two motors that can support up to 100 kg of load. This way, when you change the layout of your office, you won't have to worry about long hours spent sitting down.

With a height adjustment of 70 to 119 cm, you get peace of mind whatever your preference. The manufacturer guarantees a two-year warranty for the mechanical component.

This desk is specially designed to encourage you to take care of your body. It also has a programmable alert that reminds you to change position, so keep your eye on the main aim of this purchase: to keep moving despite office activity.

Amazon has a €279.99 discount on the Flexispot.

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