Pokmon Go: High voltage is nearing, and you must be aware of it to unlock it!

Pokmon Go: High voltage is nearing, and you must be aware of it to unlock it! ...

The next Pokémon Go event will be quite interesting. Between January 27 and February 5, electric monsters will be introduced. With a bit of luck, you will also meet Tanhel and Dedenne in the Tier 5 Raid Battles. That's where Mega Aerodactyl will be found until February 1st.

Team Go Rocket is on the way.

The 7-kilometer eggs may also be worthwhile. As a result, Eguana that has been hatched from these eggs have a higher likelihood of getting a Shiny Specimen than wild Eguana. Voltobal, Plusle, or Minun, for example, will beckon as rewards if you complete a field research task.

PC games enthusiasts are also a fan.

Sparkling Fantasy in Pokémon Go — you must know that to unlock it

In Pokémon Go, a new event is brewing: the unlocking of "Sparkling Fantasy." You have to know that!

In January, Pokémon Go will have a new community day.

Pokémon Go players can look forward to a new Community Day Classic this January! This is what will be announced at the next event.

“Giovanni's iron will is as strong as ever!” says the author of the new special research at the beginning of the event. You may pick up the special research until the end of Season 9 on March 1st.

Team Go Rocket collects other Crypto Pokémon for the event. Crypto Alolan Vulpix, Crypto Elezeba, and Crypto Wattzapf will be given 12 km Eggs, which can form Absol, Larvitar, Pam-Pam, and Algitt, among others.

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