The Samsung Galaxy S23 is reserved for Parisians as a sneak peek

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is reserved for Parisians as a sneak peek ...

News JVTech Smartphone: The Samsung Galaxy S23 is reserved for Parisians in a pre-order.

Published on 01/26/2023 at 09:20

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Samsung's new Galaxy S23 smartphone will be unveiled on February 1; there may be more surprises in the works. If you live near Paris, you may test them before you buy them.

Samsung, a South Korean manufacturer, is obviously going to have a tough start to the year. First and foremost, the company will present its new high-end smartphones earlier than usual: if all goes as planned, the Samsung Galaxy S23 generation terminals will no longer hold any secrets for anyone on February 1.

Samsung obviously wants to persuade customers who are hesitant to buy it that way. How do you do that? By allowing them to take its latest gadgets with them.

Samsung has inaugurated 29 Galaxy Experience rooms across the world, including one near Paris.

Samsung's Galaxy Experience spaces will be held in San Francisco, London, Singapore, Dubai, and Paris from February 1 to March 15. These are 29 spaces of this style that will be accessible throughout the world for varying durations. "These locations, which will be inaugurated following Unpacked on February 1, will allow visitors and fans to explore and test the latest innovations."

We must all be qualified when we think about Paris. In fact, the Galaxy Experience space will be situated in the Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping center in La Défense. It will therefore not be in the heart of Paris that all this will be accessible. However, we believe that Samsung had to make compromises to have a space of 200 m2.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is expected, but it isn't just about it.

The company does not hide it; its objective is to allow visitors to "experience Samsung's latest innovations which will have been unveiled at Unpacked," but we anticipate that there will not be only that on 200 m2, but there will also be a "every Galaxy ecosystem" highlighted, and potential customers will be connected with "Samsung certified experts".

Samsung has remained mute about the concept that will greet visitors in the Westfield les 4 Temps shopping center, although the brand hopes to provide a "intimate and unique experience for visitors" since the devices will initially be available for pre-order.

Every day of the week, a Galaxy Experience room is open.

From February 1 to March 15, you may visit the Galaxy Experience space of the 4 Times every day of the week: Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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