Microsoft's metaverse, AltspaceVR, is getting shut down

Microsoft's metaverse, AltspaceVR, is getting shut down ...

Microsoft decided to phase out definitely his metaverso, AltspaceVR, which it bought in 2017 in order to avoid server closures due to a lack of funds. The arrangement was initially intended as a response to Meta's enormous effort towards the sector, but it never really took off. So on March 10, 2023, the virtual world of AltspaceVR will cease to exist.

The post announcing the closure isn't just about Microsoft's metaverse ambitions, but also about focusing on a more immersive experience like Microsoft Mesh. What this means isn't yet known. Given the recent layoffs and cost cuts made by Microsoft, the suspicion is that it is simply one of the company's dead branches that it was decided to cut definitively.

Microsoft Mesh is a hologram-based mixed reality platform that relies on 3D measurements to make people appear to be working together in the same room, unlike AltspaceVR's claims. However, if successful, it might actually be the starting point for something else.

The developers invite artists and developers to hold their final meetings before the end of AltspaceVR to say their final goodbyes to users.

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