Minecraft Legends: The release date has been set, and a new gameplay has been introduced, which includes a PvP mode

Minecraft Legends: The release date has been set, and a new gameplay has been introduced, which incl ...

'Minecraft Legends' was also featured at Microsoft's Developer Direct yesterday. A gameplay video has been released that shows you how to play the game in PvP mode.

Mojang's new strategy title "Minecraft Legends" was discussed in detail during yesterday's Developer Direct.

The emphasis was on the PvP mode, which according to the studio offers very varied tasks and will keep the players busy for a long time. In Minecraft Legends, the members of your team take on various tasks such as gathering resources, building objects, or fighting.

The objective is to collaborate effectively and defeat the adversary's position.

Worlds that have been created by procedurally provide a wide variety.

The mojang developers depend on a system that allows you to create procedurally generated worlds.

A newly released gameplay video provides an in-depth look at Minecraft Legends' PvP mode. Fans of classic single-player experiences will of course also get their money's worth in the campaign.

A task that you may complete alone or with co-operation with friends. To defy the opponents, you gather different mobs into armies in the campaign and send them into battle against the Piglin tribes.

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Minecraft Legends will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo's Switch on April 18, 2023.

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