Epic Games Store is offering two new PC games for free

Epic Games Store is offering two new PC games for free ...

Every Thursday, it's time for the Epic Games Store to give back. Even today, the Epic Games digital store has two free games to download, yours forever when you redeem them and add them to the EGS library.

What are the latest Epic Games Store exclusive games of the week? Adios is "a game that will give you a cinematic first-person experience of how to make a difficult decision," while Hell is Others is a top-down horror shooter with PVPVE mechanics.

Two very different titles, although no big blockbusters, will not fail to please enthusiasts of their respective genres, at the same time on February 2nd, and once added to the library, they will remain yours forever, with no time or content limitations of any kind.

The opportunity is still available to get Epistory Typing Chronicles for free, although it will be available for a few hours till 4.59pm this afternoon. Three very special but certainly interesting titles will also add to your collection of free games for PC.

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