The launch date for the OnePlus Pad has been confirmed!

The launch date for the OnePlus Pad has been confirmed! ...

The first tablet from OnePlus is now available.

OnePlus is gearing up for the next Cloud 11 event. The brand appears to be planning a lot more.

According to fresh speculation, the event will also feature the first ever OnePlus tablet, the OnePlus Pad.

OnePlus has also released a press release about the tablet's release on its website. OnePlus' first Pad will be unveiled on February 7th, according to a reliable whistleblower.

OnePlus has not released any further information on the tablet. However, the microsite that OnePlus has hosted for the tablet gives us an indication of what we may expect.

The microsite for the OnePlus Pad states that "boxes come in all shapes and sizes." The diagram next to the application depicts a tablet. Now, if you examine the image further, you will notice that all borders are symmetrical.

Six new gadgets will be presented during the presentation, in general, according to available information:

OnePlus 11 5G OnePlus Keyboard OnePlus Buds Pro 2 OnePlus Pad OnePlus 11R 5G OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro

Oleksandr Kovalenko is the author of "Publication Dates" for the 01/26/2023 issue.

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