Redfall, the next video game, will be open world?

Redfall, the next video game, will be open world? ...

Is the upcoming video game 'Redfall' a new world?

Players must destroy the terrible demons that have taken over the city in order to remain alive. However, you may be a bit concerned about whether or not Redfall has an open world.

What does Redfall's official statement mean?

Redfall's official website states that the game has an open environment with a wide variety of locations to explore. Developer Arkane Austin said that this is their "largest setting ever" compared to previous games like Dishonored and Prey.

Redfall, Massachusetts, is dotted with stunningly crafted locations, such as an abandoned city, a mysterious forest, and makeshift outposts. Players can unwind in safe havens where they can chat with other survivors and replenish supplies.

You may even build a camp in the Fire Station, where other survivors can submit tasks for you. In one objective showcased on the Xbox and Bethesda livestream, players are assigned to construct an ancient lighthouse that serves as a warning beacon for the surrounding community.

Our exploration of Redfall's expansive open world has come to an end. If you want more information, please visit the link linked here.

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