Anna Delvey is filming a new series while she is in House Arrest

Anna Delvey is filming a new series while she is in House Arrest ...

While she is in House Arrest, Anna Delvey is filming a new show.

Anna Delvey, a well-known SoHo con artist, has proven herself to be a master at negotiating the best out of a difficult situation on several occasions, such as when she convinced New York's elite that she is a German heiress, when she put on a show while still in jail. She would rather not allow anything as minor as house arrest to prevent her from filming her upcoming reality show.

Delvey's Dinner Club is a fake socialite who hosts dinner parties at her East Village residence while strictly adhering to the terms of her house imprisonment. The program will focus on Delvey, who was recently released from ICE detention in October 2022, and her quest to reclaim her reputation as a con artist.

Courtney White, the former head of the Food Network, said in a press release, "She'll do it through one of the city's most popular tables, which includes invite-only intimate dinners at her house." "There, a Delvey-invited group of actors, musicians, founders, socialites, journalists, and other distinguished guests will join her each week around a private-chef catered dinner replete with candid conversations where no topic is off limits."

"There's nothing like bringing together a group of friends to discuss life stories and enjoy a great culinary experience," Delvey said. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Wheelhouse and Butternut to bring my ideas to a wider audience and give an insight into Anna Delvey."

Production on Delvey's Dinner Club has begun, despite the absence of a specific launch date. Butternutt is a spinoff of Wheelhouse Entertainment that was co-founded by Jimmy Kimmel. From Madonna to Elon Musk, the characters include artists, as well as former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance.

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