Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5

Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5 ...

The Peacock series Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5 will be released in April, as well as a location to find it online.

Four new installments of Poker Face, Rian Johnson's first murder mystery series, have been released. Natasha Lyonne's Charlie Cale, a casino worker who can spot individuals lying, has a super ability that allows her to solve murders with ease. Over four entertaining episodes, Charlie has solved many crimes while on the run from her foes.

  • Ruby Ruin is the lead singer in a one-hit wonder rock band, who are back on tour in the hopes of making some money. They hire a new drummer and start their lackluster tour.
  • It is revealed that the band didn’t write their one hit, it was actually created by their old drummer, who still retains all the royalties. Gavin, the new drummer, demos his latest song and history seems to be repeating itself once again.
  • The band fear that they’ll be short-changed again and plot to kill Gavin and steal his song.
  • They fire their roadie and rig the amp to electrocute poor Gavin. It works perfectly and the police believe it was all just an accident caused by faulty equipment.
  • The episode rewinds to before the murders and it is revealed that Charlie has been hired as the band’s merch girl. Charlie interacts with the band and befriends Gavin.
  • After the tragic death of Gavin on stage, Charlie overhears Ruby lie to the police. She says that the band were lucky to not be electrocuted either. Charlie is suspicious and investigates further.
  • The band records a demo of Gavin’s song, Sucker Punch. While Charlie cleans out her car, she finds Gavin’s brochures and wrappers that include all the lyrics to the song. Charlie realizes that they have stolen Gavin’s song.
  • Ruby doesn’t deny stealing the song and refuses to credit Gavin, as she won’t miss her second chance at stardom. The band play a supporting slot for Krampus. Charlie is caught in a viral video.
  • The band’s guitarist tries to sell Gavin’s amp on eBay and writes incriminating lyrics. Then Charlie discovers that the band members purposely wore thick rubber-soled shoes to avoid being electrocuted.
  • Charlie confronts the band, but she can’t really prove anything concretely. Then Cliff tracks her down, using the viral video. She runs off and flees the gig before Cliff can capture her.
  • The band finally gets their comeuppance. The Sucker Punch song is revealed to be stolen from a TV theme tune that Gavin loved. Then Charlie passes on all her evidence to a podcaster called Murder Girl, who outs the band’s killer plot in public.

Release Dates for Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date for Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5

On Thursday, February 2nd, 2023, Peacock will release Episode 5. The episode 5 is titled "Time of the Monkey," and will last for 50 minutes.

Where can I find online entertainment?

With a subscription to Peacock on the date mentioned above, poker fans around the world may watch Season 1 Episode 5.


  • It feels like the formula will remain untouched, but this may all just be an elaborate decoy from Rian Johnson himself. You never know! If the show continues to follow this structured pattern, then Charlie will continue to live on the run, hiding from Cliff and Sterling Frost Sr. for as long as she can. She doesn’t seem to have a plan going forward, but may over time figure out a way to incriminate her enemies so she doesn’t have to live on the road forever.
  • Whilst on the run, Charlie will continue to interact with odd individuals and find herself entangled in further murder cases. Hopefully, Charlie will catch the eye of a detective or someone will prompt her to start working as a private investigator, so that she actually gets paid for her talents.
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