Why is Charlie touring with a rock band in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 4?

Why is Charlie touring with a rock band in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 4? ...

The Peacock series Poker Face Season 1 Episode 4, 'Rest in Metal,' is recapped. There are spoilers included in the video.

Poker Face has settled into a routine in the fourth episode, and viewers are introduced to a different set of characters and a new location; the victim dies in unexpected circumstances, and the filmmakers then go back to the beginning of the film to investigate the crime. She leaves before calling the cops as her attacker hunts her down across the country.

Recap of Season 1 of Poker Face Episode 4

Chloe Sevigny, who plays aging singer Ruby Ruin, earns her a job as a DIY retail shop manager, but spends three weeks a year touring with her old band, Doxxxology. She has hired a new drummer, Gavin (Nicholas Cirillo), and begins a rather low-key tour with her equally desperate band.

The band spends their nights at Irish pubs and dive bars on a tiny stage. The customers stare into the stage or eat their lunches uninterested in the rock band's mediocre set list. They desperately need more material but are uninspired themselves. Gavin suggests they compose another hit, but the band admits she didn't even compose their first one. Staple Head was written by their old drummer for twenty years now.

Gavin gets struck with a stapler to the head during a set, but he recovers his vocals and sends him to the motel room that night, explaining his new song to the assembled band. This time, Ruby is a little suspicious, and she allows Gavin to sneak into the motel room that night, where he steals Ruby's hit song.

Ruby allows Gavin to perform his soaring vocals for tonight's show. He is later electrocuted to death as he sings the vocals. The band then takes Gavin's lyrics, then burns the old one.

The episode continues its usual structure, returning to the beginning of the murder. Charlie joins the band on tour as the merch girl to make some quick money, marking a Russian Doll reunion for Natasha Lyonne and Chloe Sevigny. She interacts with the band and forms an odd friendship with Gavin. The police explain that the amp was not grounded, and the malfunction was caused by defective equipment.

The band plays a demo before forgetting the hit. Charlie is surprised by what she discovers in her car. She realizes that Gavin created the song from all these useless slogans. Ruby is honest and does not deny that they stole the song.

Ruby's honesty is intrusive, yet she continues her investigation when something seems wrong. On eBay, Charlie discovers that the band's guitarist sold Gavin's old amplifier. He is even heard singing a new song which incriminates the band much further, as he practically confesses to the whole murder plot in his lyrics.

Charlie crowd-surfs to safety and drives away before Cliff can grab her.

Sucker Punch's melody is in fact based on a TV theme tune Gavin loved in a ironic conclusion, but there are two issues. A Youtuber has discovered that Sucker Punch's melody is in fact a TV theme tune stolen from a TV show Gavin loved. This copyright violation kills the deal, but there is more. Charlie strikes once again and returns to her life on the run.

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